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True North, Strong and Free: New Ways of Looking at Canada on the 150th Birthday of the Country, 1st edition
EXCITING NEW PERSPECTIVES ON CANADA FOR THE SESQUICENTENNIAL CELEBRATIONS #Canada150 In True North, Strong and Free a noted Canadian author and an internationally renowned mapmaker join the National Chief of the Assembly of First...(more)
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Desktop Human Skeleton, 1st edition
This 17" (43 cm) skeleton model is sure to give years of learning fun and is a great demonstration model for learning basic anatomical features. This skeleton features a movable jaw on springs, natural movement of the...(more)
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Fighting Back: What An Olympic Champion's Story Can Teach Us About Recognizing and Preventing Child Sexual Abuse--and He, 1st edition
Two-time Olympic gold medalist Kayla Harrison has always been a fighter--yet as a young teen, no one knew she was also a victim. Combining Kayla's powerful story of sexual abuse by her judo coach with science-based information...(more)
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Away But Never Gone, 1st edition
"Away But Never Gone" is a beautifully illustrated and moving book based on the author, Nicky Mehta's song of the same title, which appears on The Wailin' Jennys' 2011 CD entitled " Bright Morning Stars". This gorgeous book is...(more)
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Superfoods: How to Make Them Work For You, 1st edition
Everyone deserves a balanced and organic diet, for good nutrition and the right remedies can really make a difference. Superfoods explores the exceptional results certain foods can have for your general health, from fighting off...(more)
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The Corvette Hunter: Kevin Mackay's Greatest Corvette Finds, 1st edition
It's hard to imagine that a car with the racing pedigree of the Rebel Corvette could be neglected to the point of it being lost. Winning the GT class at the 1972 12 Hours of Sebring wasn't enough to keep this car from becoming...(more)
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