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NIGRO | The Spirituality of Bono, 1st edition
ISBN: 978-14803-5546-0
(Book). One constant of popular culture is its value of celebrities and public figures. Some icons transcend divides and appeal to all kinds of individuals for various reasons. They are leaders in their own ways, using...(more)

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MOBLEY | Rush FAQ :All That's Left to Know About Rock's Greatest Power Trio, 1st edition
ISBN: 978-161713-451-7
(FAQ). Rush FAQ documents the amazing story of the world's greatest Canadian prog rock power trio, from its origins in a church basement in Willowdale, Ontario, to its induction ceremony at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame....(more)
New edition. Not yet published. Due approximately 06/17/14.
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PITMAN | This Day in June, 1st edition
ISBN: 978-14338-1659-8
This day in June...> Parade starts soon... Rainbow arches... >Joyful marches! >In a wildly whimsical, validating, and exuberant reflection of the LGBT community, This Day In June welcomes readers to experience a pride celebration...(more)
New book. Due approximately 05/15/14.

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CLARK | The Mood Repair Toolkit :Proven Strategies to Prevent the Blues From Turning Into Depression, 1st edition
ISBN: 978-14625-0938-6
Many resources exist for sufferers of major depression. Yet millions struggle with less severe mood states that may not be as debilitating but still drain the joy out of life. Renowned cognitive-behavioral therapist David A....(more)
New book. Due approximately 08/15/14.
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ISACOWITZ | Pilates-, 2nd edition
ISBN: 978-14504-3416-4
The most acclaimed, comprehensive guide on Pilates is now updated, expanded, and better than ever! In this second edition, world-renowned Pilates expert Rael Isacowitz shows you the same repertoire that he has used to train...(more)

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MELVILLE | Moby Dick, 1st edition
ISBN: 978-1906230-72-2
'Breach your last to the sun, Moby Dick!' cried Ahab. 'Thy hour and thy harpoon are at hand!' Why does Captain Ahab look like a man who's being crucified? How did he come by that hideous scar and the false leg made of a whale's...(more)
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