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Camera and Craft :Learning the Technical Art of Digital Photography, 1st edition
FOCAL PRESS ISBN: 978‑0415‑81012‑8
To create successful imagery, you need to balance technical know-how and aesthetic vision. In Camera & Craft , we deconstruct photographic principles in new ways to help you think through your process. Together with nine...(more)
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Second Nature Urban Agriculture :Designing Productive Cities, 1st edition
ROUTLEDGE ISBN: 978‑0415‑54058‑2
This book is the long awaited sequel to "Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes: Designing Urban Agriculture for Sustainable Cities" . "Second Nature Urban Agriculture" updates and extends the authors' concept for introducing...(more)
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Extraterrestrial Intelligence and Human Imagination :Seti at the Intersection of Science, Religion, and Culture, 1st edition
The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) represents one of the most significant crossroads at which the assumptions and methods of scientific inquiry come into direct contact with-and in many cases conflict...(more)
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Human Variation :A Genetic Perspective on Diversity, Race, and Medicine, 1st edition
Since the appearance of modern humans in Africa 200,000 years ago, we have migrated around the globe and accumulated genetic variations that affect our appearance, skin color, food tolerance, and susceptibility to different...(more)
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Lean Waste Stream :Reducing Material Use and Garbage Using Lean Principles, 1st edition
The fact that a process produces garbage is a testament to design inefficiency, and this book explains how to use the nature of that garbage to pinpoint and eliminate those inefficiencies. Lean Waste Stream: Reducing Material Use...(more)
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Mastering 3D Printing, 1st edition
APRESS PUBLISHERS ISBN: 978‑14842‑0026‑1
Mastering 3D Printing shows you how to get the most out of your printer, including how to design models, choose materials, work with different printers, and integrate 3D printing with traditional prototyping to make techniques...(more)

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