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Chemistry in Your Kitchen, 1st edition
Whether you know it or not, you become a chemist any time you step into a kitchen. As you cook, you oversee intricate chemical transformations that would test even the most hardened of professional chemists. Focussing on how and...(more)
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Springer Handbook of Robotics, 2nd edition
Reaching for the human frontier, robotics is vigorously engaged in the growing challenges of new emerging domains. Interacting, exploring, and working with humans, the new generation of robots will increasingly touch people and...(more)
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Roots and Wings: Affirming Culture and Preventing Bias in Early Childhood, 3rd edition
Use the updated activities, examples, and research to improve your anti-bias and multicultural education programs. This clear and practical guide includes expanded information on English language learners, family engagement,...(more)
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Video Game Writing: From Macro to Micro, 2nd edition
This insightful, revised book explores the challenging and evolving world of the games writer. Part I provides a fascinating overview of the history of games writing following its humble roots in the '60s to today's triple-A...(more)
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Nurturing Creativity: An Essential Mindset For Young Children's Learning, 1st edition
NAEYC Item ID: IN756
Creativity is a cornerstone of complex, unconventional thinking, and developing creativity begins at a young age. With this book, early childhood teachers will discover how to tap into and scaffold children's natural curiosity...(more)
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Absolute Beginners Guide to Computing, 1st edition
Learn and understand how you can perform a wide range of tasks on your new Windows computer, including managing files, browsing the internet, and protecting yourself, as well as interacting with Cortana. Using Absolute Beginners...(more)
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