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The Mindset of Success: Accelerate Your Career From Good Manager to Great Leader, 2nd edition
This book is not about changing who you are, but becoming the best version of yourself. The Mindset of Success provides a clearly structured set of tools to change the way you think, act and perform, pushing you beyond good...(more)
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Nasa Spaceflight: A History of Innovation, 1st edition
This book presents the first comprehensive history of innovation at NASA, bringing together experts in the field to illuminate how public-private and international partnerships have fueled new ways of exploring space since the...(more)
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Twelve Essential Topics in Early Childhood: A Year of Professional Development For Staff Meetings, 1st edition
Twelve Essential Topics in Early Childhood Meetings is a tool for program administrators to prepare successful professional development experiences for their staff during monthly meetings. The book includes an agenda and outline...(more)
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Making and Tinkering With Stem: Solving Design Challenges With Young Children, 1st edition
A fun, accessible approach to the maker movement! With 25 classroom-ready engineering design challenges inspired by children's favorite books, educators can seamlessly integrate making and tinkering and STEM concepts (science,...(more)
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3D Character Development Workshop: Rigging Fundamentals For Artists and Animators, 1st edition
3D Character Development Workshop is designed to fast-track comprehension of the concepts, tools, and methods of character rigging so that you can get past the technical hurdles and on to animating. This comprehensive guide is...(more)
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Death in the Garden: Poisonous Plants and Their Use Throughout History, 1st edition
Mankind has always had a morbid fascination with poisonous plants; how their poisonous properties were discovered and developed will most likely be left unknown. Over the centuries poisonous plants have been used to remove garden...(more)
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