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CPHA | Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS) All Access Package (Print, E-Book, E-CPS, Mobile)
ISBN: 978-1894402-76-7
Includes: - CPS 2014: Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (English Print Book) - CPS Professional e-book* (e-book available March 2014) - e-CPS * - CPS Monographs (Mobile)* This all-inclusive...(more)

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CPHA | Therapeutic Choices: All Access Package, 6th edition
ISBN: 978-8765-12489-6
Includes: - Therapeutic Choices, 6e (Print Book) - e-Therapeutics - Drug Choices (Mobile) Therapeutic Choices is a trusted source for evidence-based treatment information for all health care practitioners involved...(more)
recently published title Best seller This title has Canadian content
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RICE | Understanding Drug Action :An Introduction to Pharmacology, 1st edition
ISBN: 978-158212-112-3
Understanding Drug Action: An Introduction to Pharmacology provides readers with a survey of the scientific understanding of drug action. This readable introduction to pharmacology is simple enough to be understood without having...(more)
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BRIGGS | Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation, 10th edition
ISBN: 978-14511-9082-3
Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation is an A-Z listing of drugs by generic name. Each monograph is a careful and exhaustive summary of the literature as it relates to drugs and their known or possible effects to the fetus in...(more)
New edition. Not yet published. Due approximately 08/08/14.
Predicted to be a best seller Forthcoming title
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BEZCHLIBNYK-BUTLER | Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs For Children & Adolescents, 3rd edition
ISBN: 978-088937-456-0
This unique book fills the need for a comprehensive, yet compact and easy-to-use reference for all mental health professionals dealing with children and adolescents. Packed with the practical comparison charts for which it is...(more)
New edition. Not yet published. Due approximately 05/15/14.
Predicted to be a best seller Forthcoming title This title has Canadian content
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AMERICAN SOCIETY OF | Ahfs Drug Information 2014, 1st edition
ISBN: 978-158528-380-4
Written and published by pharmacists and reviewed by over 500 experts, AHFS Drug Information® (AHFS DI) is the most comprehensive evidence-based source of drug information complete with therapeutic guidelines and...(more)
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