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For customer service, call 1-800-665-1148. Outside of Canada call 1-204-837-2987.
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Corporate Office & Distribution Centre

300 Saulteaux Crescent

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3J 3T2


Phone: 800.665.1148 or 204.837.2987

Fax: 800.665.0103 or 204.837.3116

Eastern Distribution Centre

Unit 1, 6255 Cantay Road

Mississauga, Ontario L5R 3Z4


Phone: 905.507.8953

Fax: 905.507.9919


Login Canada, the Canadian Book Industry's largest STM Distribution Company, celebrated its 20th anniversary on April 1, 2011.

Founded by Gary Cornelius and Marie Friesen in April 1991, Login Canada began as, and remains a family owned Canadian business and continues to exemplify the idea behind our original motto: "Bringing Quality Publishers and Exceptional Customer Service Together". We have gone through an extensive metamorphosis during the past few years by building a new Corporate Office in Winnipeg and moving to a new larger location in Mississauga. We have also revamped our website, initiated the use of in-store inventory scanners, and expanded representation of digital products.

Throughout all of the changes to Login Canada, many things remain constant, including a strong commitment to our customers to provide the best and fastest service possible, and fully customized representation for our publishing partners. For the past two decades we have been fortunate to build many great relationships with customers and publishers. These relationships, nurtured by our incredibly dedicated staff, have been the foundation of our business. Many employees will be celebrating their 10th, 15th and even 20th anniversaries with the company this year and their commitment and expertise is instrumental in the success of Login Canada.

We are very grateful to have such talented and devoted staff and reliable and supportive business partners for the last 20 years. It is for this reason that we can look forward to many rewarding years to come.


Bringing Quality Publishers and Exceptional Customer Service Together


Did You Know that Login Canada gives you access to:
Titles in over 450 subject categories
Over 180 Distributors
Over  660 Publishers
Over 4,000 imprints
Over  1,049,035 available titles
Over  46,875 eBooks
Over  17,760 in-stock titles
Over 60,000 in-stock items

          Login Canada is now on:   



Key Personnel

Executive Title Contact Information Email Address
Gary Cornelius
Chief Executive Officer
Marie Friesen
Chief Financial Officer
Mark Champagne
Sharon Murray
Vice President of Finance and Human Resources
Russell Friesen
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Sales & Marketing Title Contact Information Email Address
Lauren Dye
Eastern Sales Manager
Ph: 905.376.6231
Fx: 905.507.9919
Mary del Mar
Sales & Marketing Representative:
Southwestern Ontario & Atlantic Canada
René Lauzé
Sales & Marketing Representative:
Ph: 204.831.3835
Fx: 204.837.3116
Philip Paisana
Sales & Marketing Representative:
British Columbia & Northern Alberta
Nickii Dhaliwal
Sales & Marketing Representative:
Central Canada
Melanie Lauzé
Marketing Manager
Clyde Brazer
Marketing & Direct Sales Coordinator
(Publisher Reporting)
Kathleen Williams
Marketing Coordinator
Sales & Marketing Department Fax
Winnipeg Office Title Contact Information Email Address
Cheryl Rose
Operations Manager On Maternity Leave.
Please contact Debbie Schippers.
Russell Chop
Warehouse Manager
Ron Still
Warehouse Supervisor
204.837.2987 x 228
Customer Service Title Contact Information Email Address
Debbie Schippers
Customer Service Manager
Geena Valenzuela Peters
Customer Supervisor
Chris Donovan
Customer Service Representative
204.831.2987 x 255
Sharron Coltart Houston
Customer Service Representative
204.837.2987 x 253
Danielle LeBlanc
Customer Service Representative (Bilingual)
204.837.2987 x 254
Brianna Musso
Customer Service Representative
204.837.2987 x 257
Accounting Group Title Contact Information Email Address
Gord Hudson
Accounting Supervisor
Maureen Galbraith
Reconciliation Specialist
Veronica Ducharme
Accounting Assistant
204.837.2987 x 216
Accounting Department Fax
Inventory Group Title Contact Information Email Address
Rhonda MacDonald
Senior Information Analyst
204.837.2987 x 213
Madison Halpenny
204.837.2987 x 252
Amber Coulombe
Cecilia Arquero
Inventory Receiver
Mississauga Office Title Contact Information Email Address
Shawn Fitzgerald
Operations Supervisor
905.507.8953 x 503
Shalini Murthi
Office Manager
905.507.8953 x 505
Jacquie Scott
Assistant Warehouse Supervisor



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