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Login Canada eBook Help and Troubleshooting Guide

First, make sure that you have followed all of the steps as given in the Adobe Digital Editions Help Guide. If you have done this and are still having problems, the following is a list of possible solutions.

Question / Issue Possible Solution(s)
What do I have to have in order to read an eBook that I have purchased from Login Canada or one of its bookstore Affiliate Partners?
  • 1) An Abode ID
  • 2) A reader that is compatible with Abode DRM (Digital Rights Management) and is registered to your Adobe ID. We recommend Bluefire- for Apple devices or Android operating systems. (Links can be found on lb.ca/ebooks) An alternate reader is Overdrive. Adobe Digital Editions for PC.
    How do I get an Adobe ID? Go to www.adobe.com/account/sign-in.adobedotcom.html?returnURL=https://www.adobe.com/ and click "Don't Have an Adobe ID?" to register, it's free!
    What is DRM? DRM (Digital Rights Management) is any technology that inhibits uses of digital content that are not desired or intended by the content provider or copyright holder. DRM is added as security to prevent piracy.
    How many times can I download the eBook? This is dependent upon the publisher and the rights they are providing. Specifics for each eBook can be found online, simply scroll down to view. (This includes, amount of copy selections allowed, amount of printing allowed, etc.)
    Can I print out my eBook? The publisher of each title applies specific rights to the book, including limiting printing to protect the content of the book. Therefore the amount that is printable varies for each book. You can view the amount that is allowed to be printed at the bottom on the ebook page on the website, before you purchase.
    Do I need an internet connection to read the eBook? No. Once you have downloaded the eBook it resides in your system, associated to the reader you chose.
    Can I move the file from one device to another or one reader to another once it has been downloaded? No. But each book allows for more than one download (usually between 3-6 depending on the rights chosen by the publisher) and therefore you can read your book or more than one device or reader.
    How long does it take to download an eBook? This can vary from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection and the size of the eBook.
    What if I have more than one reader on my device that is registered to an Adobe ID? You will be given the choice of which reader to download to. If you downloaded it to 2 different readers on that device it would count as 2 downloads.
    Will I be able to search my eBook by key word? Most eBook readers have the capability to search by key word.
    Will I be able to highlight my eBook? Most eBook readers have the capability to highlight or Bookmark and save those highlights and bookmarks within your eBook.
    Will I be able to add your own comments as you read? Most eBook readers have the capability to save your comments within the Bookmark function and save those bookmarks within your eBook.
    If I buy the e-book can my friend download on their home system? No, once you download to a reader registered to your Adobe ID, only readers registered to that Adobe ID can use the remaining allowable downloads.
    Why is my Adobe Reader (or other program) trying to open the e-books instead of ADE? This message appears: "Adobe Reader could not open title of e-book acsm because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged." If so, this means that Adobe Digital Editions is not set as the default program to open e-books and you will want to set it so that it is. To change it, follow the below instructions: 1. Go to "Start \ Control Panel". 2. Open "Default Programs". 3. Click "Associate a file type or protocol with a program". 4. Scroll down to the 'ACSM' file type. 5. Make sure that the extension is set to open with Adobe Digital Editions. If it is not, click the 'Change Program' button and select Adobe Digital Editions. 6. If ADE is not an option, then click 'Browse' and browse to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Digital Editions folder and chose the 'Digital Editions' application. 7. Click 'Open' and 'OK' as needed to save the changes and exit the open windows.
    When you click on the link to download your books, Adobe Reader opens but nothing else happens.
    • Right-click on the Download your eBook now link and select "Save target as...". This will prompt you to save a small file called "URLLink.acsm". Save it to your hard drive, then double-click on that file once it's downloaded. Adobe Reader should open, and your download should begin.
    • Empty all temporary files in Internet Explorer, and try the download again.
    • If all else fails, try uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Reader.
      • When you uninstall, make sure to back up your eBooks first (they're located in My Documents/My Digital Editions)
    At the end of your download you get the following message: ---errorListChange--- Your eBook download did not finish and you have an incomplete eBook file. Click on the Download your eBook now link to download your eBook again. The new complete file will replace your incomplete/corrupted eBook.
    DRM* activator tells you that you are not online
    • Make sure that you are actually connected to the Internet.
    • If you have any firewall software (such as Norton Internet Security), disable it.
    Your Adobe Reader DRM* Fails to Activate

    Contact Adobe technical support here. If you have registered your copy of Adobe Reader, you can also try calling 866-772-3623 or click here for a list of Adobe support phone numbers.

    You can also try Adobe's Digital Edition's Forum or Adobe Digital Editions Help for more assistance.

    1. Empty all temporary files in Internet Explorer. This usually solves the problem. In Internet Explorer select Tools->Internet Options. Press "Delete Files" in the "Temporary Internet files" section.
    2. Make sure you have the full version of Adobe Reader. If you are unsure reinstall Adobe Reader by clicking here. Then download the Adobe Digital Editions Reader by clicking here.
    Error "Adobe DRM* client error 706" or "Adobe DRM* client error 422" occurs when you try to download an eBook Error 706 or 422, is typically caused by Web Accelerator software interferring with the verification stage of eBook downloading. The fix for this problem is to temporarily disable your Web Accelerator. This will enable the eBook to download properly, after which you can re-enable your Accelerator.
    Error: "client code 31; HTTP code 404; fault location 3" If you receive this error when using Earthlink's Total Access Internet software, then disable it. It strips some of Adobe's HTTP headers when downloading the appropriate files, which causes this error. You should deactivate Total Access and reconfigure Network Settings without it.

    If your question isn't listed here, or one of these solutions didn't work for you, contact our service center at 1-800-665.1148 or .

    * DRM - Digital Rights Management.