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CPA CPS Print & CPS Monographs App Bundle (Access Code Delivered Via Email) [2013E]

ISBN-13: 978-8765-12379-0    Book#: ADBD2   (2013)
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INCL ADBD3 & CDDG2. "COST SAVINGS BUNDLE! A $386.99 VALUE. Go to lb.ca/CPSEssentials for app details."
Status: Out of print. 12/31/13.   New edition is available. Click here for new edition

(Print Book with Access Code delivered via email)

About the Book:For over 50 years the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS) has been Canada's most trusted source for drug information. CPS contains more than 2,000 product monographs for drugs, vaccines, medical devices, and natural health products, including 134 new products. The book also includes clinical tools, product images, a therapeutic guide, and directories of poison control centres and pharmaceutical manufacturers. A cross-referenced index of generic and brand names ensures you can easily find what you are looking for. Also includes 149 monographs written by the Canadian
Pharmacists Association (CPhA) and reviewed by Canadian pharmacists.

CPS Monographs App for CPS Essentials Suite: Now you can quickly access product monographs and listings extracted from
this essential reference tool with CPS Monographs for your handheld Apple iOS and Android devices!
CPS Essentials also includes five free productivity applications.
For more information about CPS Essentials, visit: www.lb.ca/CPSEssentials

Please ensure that you have downloaded the app suite called CPS Essentials.
CPS Essentials is CPhA's overall suite of mobile products (CPS Monographs + Drug Choices + free productivity apps). The CPS Essentials app suite can be downloaded from either the Apple iTunes iOS or Google Play Android store and can only be used on your handheld Apple iOS or Android device. Once you have downloaded the container, you are ready to
download CPS Monographs or Drug Choices using your Access Code.

TitleCPS Print & CPS Monographs App Bundle (Access Code Delivered Via Email)
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